I take up the writing challenge

My favorite Computer Science book publisher, the Pragmatic Programmers, have launched a Write-the-book-you-always-thought-you-will-write-in-a-month-competition.

Well – I had this plan for quite som time – that I will write a book for them. Well, several books actually.

Now, it looks like I have to do it – I am taking up the challenge of PragProWriMo!

User Driven

In my professional career, which covers from research work at a university trough consultancy work and participating in various agile teams, trough the role as Architect in govermental standartization projects I had to work with actual users. Even more, it was not enough just to work with them, or deliver software that will easy their life … Oh, no, no we had to extract their clever user-like-ness into proper project requirements to finish with software that really roars. The belief is that the user actually have to participate in the design, conceptual work, innovation.

Contrast this with the error 404 error – you know, the one that sits 40 cm from the screen. Or what about the stability antipattern discovered by Michael Nygaard called, well … users [?].

Or what about … ?

I have managed to learn how to handle this important engagement successfully – and even have fun doing it.

So – my book will be about Users 🙂

Stay tuned.

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