Google phone interview

Right now I spend my time working as a consultant on a launch of a web 2.0 media-sharing application, but I am also searching for my next dream job … I want to work in a cool, exciting place, that lets me do cool, exciting things … in top quality of course …
As a person I am very enthusiastic and creative, and my drive is a need to use my
theoretical tools on solving real problems in the real world (or cyberspace). I need an open and
supportive environment, that can stimulate me intellectually, has room for innovation and also
believes in reaching the stars.
Well well well, I have been crossing my fingers the last couple of days … I have been in contact with Google about a position in the engineering department, and this far I like a lot what I hear. Today, Joanna that works as a software engineer called me and we spent 45 minutes on the phone discussing my resume, a few algorithm questions, and she told me a lot about what kind of atmosphere they have.