Single female rambling around India with 2 kids in tow

Well, the tickets are bought, visa applications sent – and we have had administered the needed shots.
I am looking forward to my first trip to India, happy as a little kid …
Very excited – this is an old dream coming true … but also as the departure gets closer and closer, starting to be a bit worried.

Still I suddenly feel the burden of being the single parent in a place far, far away from home.
(Most people here at home think that I am absolutely crazy)
I will be travelling on my own with my 2 kids, aged 9 and 12.
I keep thinking: how will the locals react to our family?
Can we expect friendliness and helpfullness – can we basically feel safe?

The travelplan is as follows – I have allocated 3 weeks for all of this – and we will move on to Kathmandu, where we have booked a trek to Everest Base Camp.

Copenhagen -> London -> Chennai -> Mamallapuram (4 nights), we splash out 4 nights at Ideal Beach Resort.

-> Nilgiri express -> Mettupalayam, and then toytrain to Ooty (have not been successfull in booking the train tickets yet online )
We plan to spend 2 nights at an eco jungle resort in Mudumalai
(1 or 2 nights)

-> Mysore (1 or 2 nights) – havent found a nice place to stay yet, but have to go to see the palace, silk factory, and famous yoga chalas

-> Madikeri (3 nights) – we will stay at Golden Mist Plantation, an ecological coffe plantation

-> Allepey (2 nights) – we will stay at a heritage home in the area

-> Houseboat on the backwaters (1 night)

-> Cochi (1 night) -> plane to Delhi
-> Delhi (1 night) -> plane to Kathmandu
… thats it folks …

In my backhand I have left: Hampi and/or Munnar, both places that I would really love to visit …

I am looking forward to meeting India