Last minute & visa trouble & orphanage visit

I look really, really much forward to visiting India.

My family told me after the first encounter with Indian officials – “well, what did you expect”?

When I send in our visa applications, I checked the box that we need a multiple-entry visa. When I got the passports back from the embassy, I saw we were given single-entry visas. We actually need multiple entry, as our travel itinerary is 3 weeks in South India, a flight to Delhi, and then onwards to Kathmandu. We plan to do a trek of 3 weeks, and need to return to Delhi for our return flight to Europe! The Kathmandu-Delhi plane is on 1. April, the Delhi-London on 2. April …
So this all means that if we don’t sort this out, we will have to stay overnight in the airport , instead of a nice and cosy evening at the Yatri House in Delhi

We are trying to pack, the whole room full of stuff, rolls of toiletpaper, wetwipes, anti-bacterial hand wash, gluten free bread for my son – made a checklist for the kids, they have dragged all the stuff into the room, now I am trying to solve the knapsakc-packing-problem …

And a last minute idea was to bring a big bag of used childrens clothing, and donate it to an orphanage in Mamallapuram.