Aiki Travel to Japan

What is aiki travel?

We went to Japan for the first time. With our Sensei. Thats an entirely different way of travelling.

I have been practicing Aikido for 3 years. Not very goodyet, but eager to learn more.

With me was my son. He is really cool doing Aikido.

And our Sensei.

I learned a lot from our trip to the head quarters.

But the most important lessons was from my Sensei.

Always watch your feet.

Balance yourself, before you meet others.

In Aikido, we work with energy.

Lessons taught when playing cards with the boys in the long hotel corridor.

When my senses suffered total overload after 3 hours of shopping in Shibuya.

Japan is a total sensory overload, here exploring Shibuya

Practicing in Hombu Dojo

It is such an honor, to walk trough the doors to the Aikikai Headquarters. To change clothes in the dressing room, enter the big dojo with the white tatamis, sit quietly waiting as the rows fill up with people.

Its 0630 in the morning, and time for the traditional class with Doshu.

Together with Doshu, in Hombu Dojo, the world headquarter of Aikido


Returning is part of the journey

That is right.

The day you come home is still part of your trip.

Bring with you all your bags, souvenirs, unpack in the cozy, well known atmosphere. Relax. Land.

Close your eyes, and feel how the trip has changed you.