My necklace, and some thoughts about existence

I wear a necklace with a leather string, and two silver hangers. A carabiner, and a flower.
The carabiner represents, what climbing means in my life.
Courage. The courage to go, and meet your limits, see your fear, and leave it behind you.
The courage to reach higher, further, to go to the top, to find my dreams.
I think that there is no freedom without courage.

The flower represents the lotus of a Buddha mind. Harmony, the inner self, peace.
Like a japanese sakura – the cherished cherry blossom – it lives so shortly, and beautifully, and then vanishes and dies.
It reminds me, that life has to be lived beautifully.

Sometimes I feel alone. Busy among friends and family, surrounded by laughter and people, and still alone.
I have chosen to abandon husband, and cosiness of married life, to be true to myself.
For so many years, I havent found anyone to share my life with. I keep walking, higher and higher.
Sometimes I think, will there still be love for me in this life? Or have I spent my quota?

I am alone, fighting my way towards my own mountain, whether physical, or in my mind.
The day will come where I die. That day comes to everyone, and we will all be alone on that day, facing the mystery of existence.
So, I comfort myself, thinking, that aloneneness is a good thing to practice.

We should not only live with courage and beauty, but finish our journey on earth in the same way.

High up a multipitch route, where I feel, that I belong.

Me and my necklace, high up a multipitch route, in Montserrat, Spain. Where I feel, that I belong.