Preparing for take off

Well, the tickets are bought, visa applications are sent – and we have had administered the needed shots.
I am looking forward to my first trip to India, happy as a little kid …
Very excited – this is an old dream coming true … but also as the departure gets closer and closer, starting to be a bit worried.
I will be travelling on my own with my 2 kids, aged 9 and 12.

Apart from lightheaded happiness, small issues of worry kick in …   recent reports about assaults on single female travellers in India (happened somepalce where we are not going) , maoists in Nepal, the zillions of bugs we can catch there, everybody arount trying to scare you with dirt, ilness …

I am thinking and wondering – how will  the locals will react to our family?
Can we expect friendliness and helpfullness – can we basically feel safe?

We plan to fly to Chennai, stay a few days in Mahabalipuram, the go on to a wildlife sanctuary for a safari experience (and riding elephants!).
Ideally we would like to visit a hill station, stay at a plantation, sail on the backwaters.
I have allocated 3 weeks for all of this – and then  we will fly on to Kathmandu, where we have booked a trek to Everest Base Camp.

I have played around with Feng Shui a bit at my home – and put all my travel books in the hallway – to clearly illustrate what I want. Now it is going to HAPPEN, as we speak we are 10 days from lift of!

I have plans of posting updates from my travel both here on my blog.