MathMagicians are growing

One-woman-concept is boring

For about one year, I have been working as an independent software consultant – primary helping out with enterprise architecture, java coding and teaching from time to time.

I was tired of the somewhat headless mode you are in when you work on your own as an it-consultant. Committed to projects, no time to look forward, no idea whats next, to put it short – no strategy.

I felt like I have hit a performance wall – you can’t sell your time more than 120% – so once I have done that, there is no growth – and thats kind of boring.

The company has outgrown the basement

Instead of being a one-woman-company, I decided to take a step forward: I have decided to move out from my basement into a start-up hotel, Stjerneskibet in Odense. From that moments things have been happening fast … we are 4 people now – in an office that I rented last month – thinking its only for myself (=crowded!).

I thought – I should be able to do it better. There must be a service I can sell, instead of selling myself as a person. I thought for some time about what MathMagicians should be doing.

One again I am busy writing a business plan …

What are MathMagicians going to do?

We are in the process of making a great agile java consultancy house in Odense – committed to help with doing Web 2.0 enterprise projects.

We want to help companies focus on their processes – apply agile methods to improve communication and efficiency – help them make their software easier, funnier, faster.

We can help with software architecture – from providing ping-pong with the architect in charge, trough making a roadmap of future changes, and how to get there, to throwing a task-force into battle, that can help to become test-driven, by washing away old project sins, setting up a testharness – and following up to make sure

We can help make them ready for outsourcing – and supply MathMagicians from around the world to help get the job done – on time.

We call these services: Future Insurance, Rent-an-Architect, yourEman.

Have you bought your future insurance?

– So what are MathMagicians going to do?

– We will sell future-insurances!

– We will try to infest you with the Test Bug

– We will help making offshore development a success story.

PS. We had some press coverage today (in danish)